Why Trade Forex

  1. Higher Profits/Risk than any other investments

    Question: Are there any investments that can offer unlimited returns ?
    Answer: Yes. It's called FOREX

  2. Two-way opportunities to make profit

    In Forex trading, there are two ways to make a profit from your investment - when you buy currency and also when you to sell. Is there any other investment that can offer this kind of opportunity?

  3. High Level of Liquidity because of Massive Trading Volume

    Forex is one of the largest investment markets in the world, capable of handling large transactions. You can always buy or sell the currency you want to trade and there is no fail here. When you decide you want to buy, there are always others investor looking to sell - and vice versa. This occurs because the scope of the Forex market extends to a worldwide network of investment connections.

  4. Affordable Capital Required

    By using the margin system, required capital is determined in the form of guarantees depending on the leverage value. For example in 1:100 leverage, the margin (capital guarantee) needed to buy $ 1000 is only $ 10.

  5. 24 hours a day, 5 days a week of trading hours

    There is no daytime or night time in Forex trading. The Market is active 24/5 starting from the Asian Markets and going through to the Europe and American Markets. Compare that with stocks or other investments that only open during office hours or commodity markets, only open from morning till noon. If you are an office employee, you can invest in Forex without disturbing your working hours.

  6. Everywhere, Anywhere, and Anyone can join to trade

    An investment anyone can afford. Whether you are a merchant, office worker, housewife - or even a farmer - you can get involved in Forex trading. In today's era of Internet networking you can trade from anywhere without having to go to a stock exchange or call your dealer directly. It saves you time and money

  7. Clients take an active role in trade

    Unlike other forms of investment, where the investor merely provides funds that are managed by a third party (mutual funds, insurance, term deposits, etc.), with Forex trading, the investors themselves decide when, where, and how much they want to trade, by buying or selling currency. Your investment depends on you, not other people.

  8. Real time price quotes accessible online at anytime for free

  9. Demo Accounts available free of charge

    If you are a novice in the Forex business, this platform is very helpful for developing your trading ability. This is because the price quotes on the demo account are identical to the real ones on the Forex market, except that you are using virtual money. So, you will be able to apply different strategies in trading without actually risking your money.