Flash Banner

An innovative flash Banner are designed to fulfill our partners needs in order to attract more clients thereby increasing partner rewards. As a registered Introducing Broker with JadenForex, get your website more elegan with an attractive promotional banner displayed.

Regarding to use one of the banner to your website, simply replace the phrase "AFFILIATE_CODE" on the banner code field, with your affiliates code ( example of affiliate link : https://locker.jadenforex.com/en/register/trader/JADEN). If you have any questions and/or wish to figure out any obscurity and ambiguity, please do not hesitate to contact with us.


# Size Quantity Action
1 120x600 9 View Banners
2 185x185 1 View Banners
3 240x400 3 View Banners
4 300x250 5 View Banners
5 468x60 9 View Banners
6 728x90 9 View Banners