Partnership Advantage

The Partnership Program gives Forex Affiliate agents and Introducing Brokers the opportunity to earn unlimited commission by referring clients, traffic or friends to Jaden Forex.

24 hour Affiliate statistics

JadenForex supports all our partners with statistics links that can be accessed and updated 24/7, giving information on trade and rebates from your client.

Additional Reward for Introducing Brokers

Besides rebates, all cooperative partners will also receive an additional reward based on the performance of each partner. An optimal profit will be given also.

Affiliate Link Code

Each of all our partners will be granted a self-unique affiliate link code that can be added to either partner's web site, blog, forum or social network to attract worldwide client in trading Forex (example of affiliate link : The bold type font is a unique code which may be different for each partner. This code will be granted after registration as a partner of JadenForex.

Creative and Marketing Tools

As a partner, you will have access to a wide range of attractive marketing tools available to help you generate commissions for your business.

Excellent Rebates on Spread

For every transaction conducted by the trader under the affiliate partner link, JadenForex gives special rebates based on trading Spreads.

Fast and Reliable Payouts

Easy and fast withdrawals of your commissions by which of the many different withdrawal methods that suit you.

Great Earning Potential

Generate excellent commissions for your business by transferring your Forex traders or Forex related traffic to Jaden Forex.

Partner Customer Service

To convince your client that you a trusted partner with us, JadenForex provides customer services to you as an IB. You can input your email address, skype ID, phone number, or Yahoo Messenger ID.