Demo Account

Before opening a real Trading Account, we recommend you try our Demo Account. You can trade safely without fear of losing your money or deposit because it is real in every aspect except that amount of Balance, Loss, and Profits is virtual one. If you have traded with our Demo Trading Account, you will have a chance to develop your trading skills before you trade with real money. You also get few more advantages, for example:

  • Learn to analysis the Forex market
  • Risk-free to increase your trading development
  • With real Foreign Exchange quotes you will able to improve your trading strategy without any risk of losing money
  • Increase your experience in Forex trading

Before Opening a Demo Trading Account you have to download our trading terminal, MetaTrader 4, free of charge


When the MT4 is downloaded, Install the program to your PC or Notebook.

Launch the Terminal and you can make a Demo Trading Account by clicking File --> Open an Account

Then a Registration Form will be appear. Fill out the blank fields and specify what type of demo account you want to open. You also may choose any leverage mode, and fill the amounts of deposit, which will be automatically added to your Demo Trading Account.

Don't forget to ‘tick’ the statement “I agree to subscribe your newsletter”, activating the “Next” button. Then click “Next”.

Clicking “Next“, the following window will be appear. Click “Scan” and choose a server with the smallest ping and click “Next“.

Your Demo Trading Account has been successfully made and you will get a subscription email containing your Account Number and Password.